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Busy Lizzie Plant Pods for Click and Grow Gardens

Busy Lizzie Plant Pods for Click and Grow Gardens

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Busy Lizzie Plant Pods for Click and Grow Gardens

Grow stunning Busy Lizzie in your Click and Grow Indoor Garden

Also known as Impatiens, Busy Lizzies are a riot of color. Known for their vivid red, fuchsia, orange, white, and purple flowers, Busy Lizzie is popular for its minimal maintenance needs and maximally pleasing appearance. The Click & Grow indoor garden will fully take care of the growing process! 

Click & Grow Busy Lizzie benefits:

  • Busy Lizzie + an indoor garden = stunning interiors!
  • Grow one of the most beautiful flowers in the world with zero effort
  • The Busy Lizzie will bring a splash of color to your home decor
  • Easy to grow in your Click & Grow indoor garden
  • You'll have fresh aromatic flowers all-year-round

Click & Grow Smart Soil does all the work for you:

Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The Smart Soil keeps water distributed evenly inside the nanostructure, so the plant roots have access to water at all times.

It makes sure plants have perfect pH-level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

The growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials, and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones or other harmful substances.

Sprouting guarantee: If your plant doesn't sprout, we'll replace it

Plant Care

Impatiens walleriana

Edible plant.

Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days

Lasts up to: 12 weeks

Grows best at: 64°F – 75°F

  • Busy Lizzie is a heat sensitive plant that germinates faster and produces more flowers if grown at 64 to 75 °F (18 to 24°C).
  • If more than three seedlings start growing in one pod, you may thin it and leave up to three of the strongest ones to grow. By doing so the plant pods will last a bit longer than promised.
  • It takes just one lamp arm to grow Busy Lizzie. If the lamp is too far your plants will stretch out and produce fewer flowers.
  • Expect to see the first flowers approximately 50 days after planting.
  • In addition to its visual beauty, it is edible too. You may use the flowers to garnish your dishes or to add to cold drinks.
  • Busy Lizzie requires very little care, just remove withered flowers and leaves to enhance further flowering.
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